Northwest Travel & Life Magazine: 5 Adrenaline-Fueled Adventure Hubs

17 04 2021

My latest for Northwest Travel & Life Magazine lists five Northwest towns that specialize in certain outdoor activities. Click here to read the PDF version,

Juneau, Alaska

Northwest Travel & Life Magazine: Ride a Diggler in Missoula, Montana

21 06 2018

Don’t let the semi-salacious name fool you. Digglers are a blast! Read this article I wrote for Northwest Travel & Life for a rundown. (Photo: Dan Leeth)

Boy rides a Diggler Mountain Scooter, Purgatory at Durango Mountain Resort, Durango, Colorado.


Northwest Travel Magazine: Winter Fun in Bozeman, Montana

22 11 2017

I LOVED Bozeman, Montana! Here are just a few of the fun things to do in the winter months -including Snowga 🙂 Click here to read the article.


Northwest Travel & Life: Tour de Foam

12 07 2017

If you’d like to know what the craft beer scene in Bozeman is all about, might I suggest the Tour de Foam? Read about my experience in the latest Northwest Travel & Life, or click here.

outlaw_a (1)

Northwest Travel & Life: The Bozeman, Montana Cuisine Scene

25 05 2017

Dining out in Bozeman is everything you’d hope for from Big Sky Country, plus some very pleasant surprises. Click here and let me give you the details. (Photo – dinner at the Open Range restaurant)


Northwest Travel Magazine: Winter Adventure in Western Montana

2 01 2014

My latest feature for Northwest Travel Magazine is available on newsstands, or by clicking right here. This one was particularly fun to “research” :-). From the article:

“Our plan was to take snowmobiles miles up into the backcountry, spend the night in a yurt, go skiing and snowshoeing the next day, and then snowmobile back down. This all sounded great to me, and having never driven a snowmobile or slept in a yurt, I was pumped by the prospect; pumped until our guides handed us our avalanche packs.

These packs contained a number of items including a shovel and a locator beacon. I understood that there was no imminent avalanche danger and the guides knew exactly where to go and, more importantly, where not to go. But there’s always that moment of trepidation when you encounter something that reminds you of your vulnerability in the face of Mother Nature’s power. I remember reacting the same way when I moved to the Northwest and saw those “Tsunami Hazard Zone” signs with the stick figure running for his life.”


Picture of the Week: Snow Ghosts Atop Big Mountain, Montana

5 04 2013

On a recent press trip to Western Montana’s Glacier Country, we were treated to a full day of snowmobiling by Swan Mountain Outfitters. During the course of the 50-plus mile day of snowmobiling we encountered moose, exhilarating scenery, and at the summit of Big Mountain….snow ghosts! Snow ghosts are trees that are coated in rime ice; which is caused by a frosty stew of environmental factors including low temperatures, high winds, and freezing fog. The fact that we arrived near sunset produced a surreal feeling as the clouds morphed with dark but vibrant colors, passing over the giant trees aching to uphold their icy burden. Click on photo for larger view.


Picture of the Week: Dog Sledding on Frozen Swan Lake

11 03 2013

I spent the last week in Western Montana”s Glacier Country, on assignment for Northwest Travel Magazine. During that time I reveled in new experiences, marveled at stunning landscapes, and made new friends and countless memories. And took a metric ton of photos. Seriously, look forward to many Pictures of the Week coming from this recent trip. This shot is from a dog sledding excursion we took with Base Camp Big Fork LLC on a frozen Swan Lake. The blend of Montana Big Sky scenery and a truly unique activity made for an experience that will stick with me for quite sometime.