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4 02 2016
Archie Rohden

Last year I received a number of sample photos of St. John’s bridge. I don’t know just how to tell you which one I like best and would want to order one after you provide a quote. Would like it to be for a wall installation, possible24x36 or smaller. I could send the copy I have and mark the one I am interested in. I live in Des Moines, IA but our son has lived in Portland since 1996 and that bridge is very attractive and great architecture.
Will look forward to your response.
Archie Rohden

4 02 2016

Hi Archie!

Thanks for your interest. Please email me at and we can discuss size, finish, shipping etc, and I’d be happy to give you a price quote based on the details. Thanks again! I look forward to your email.

18 05 2016
Archie Rohden

Hello Adam – Just found communication from last year but didn’t remember what I saw. I copied a page of bridge pictures with St. John’s being the largest and would like to find out what size that comes in and what the cost would be. Thanks.
Archie Rohden

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