Picture of the Week: Waterfall Road Trip

29 07 2013

I’m back from my epic road trip to photograph and document waterfalls for the forthcoming Hiking Waterfalls in Oregon guidebook!

Over the last 17 days my girlfriend and I drove over 3,200 miles, or what would be Portland to Miami. Went on 40 individual waterfall hikes and visited numerous other natural wonders. In the course of hiking we covered close to 90 miles, gained over 17,000 feet of elevation, and encountered 63 individual waterfalls. My injuries were limited to 1 strained knee and 1 atrocious thigh bruise. We were scared witless by 1 black bear and were visited by numerous timid but cordial dear. We stayed in primitive campgrounds and posh hotel suites. We ate wild berries, beef jerky, microwave burritos, and the freshest, finest Northwest seafood to be found. It was the trip of a lifetime. I feel physically strong, mentally rejuvenated, happy to be home, but very sad it’s over. Today feels like the day after Christmas. Now I have to clean up all the wrapping paper :-) Photo courtesy of Stephanie Paris.


Picture of the Week: Taking Pictures of Taking Pictures at Lower Oneonta Falls

8 07 2013

While doing more work for the Hiking Waterfalls in Oregon guidebook my girlfriend, Stephanie, lines up the perfect shot of Lower Oneonta Falls. I’ve had this waterfall featured a few times as Pic o’ the Week before, but if you haven’t seen it or would like to know how to get there, check out this link. Click on pic for larger image.


“What’s the Soup?” Review: Cauliflower & Tahini Soup at Levant

18 06 2013

My latest soup review for What’s the Soup? took me to Levant in Portland, Oregon. Chef-owner Scott Snyder creates inspired French-Arabesque dishes, like the Cauliflower & Tahini, with Fried Purple Cauliflower, Spicy Pepper & Mint Relish. From the article:

“The marriage of flavor profiles and cooking techniques that are among the most lauded in culinary history produced a soup that was a worthy and just representation of both. The richness of French cuisine was highlighted with splashes of bright Middle Eastern flavor. If what the dietary experts say about eating lots of colors is true, then this bowl of soup will go a long way towards keeping me out of the doctor’s office. Reds, greens, and purples in a variety of shapes and textures danced on top of the soup’s creamy canvas in a way that made the bowl a joy to photograph while simultaneously producing an enviable mouthfeel in each spoonful.” Read the whole article here.


Picture of the Week: Lincoln City Summer Kite Festival

17 06 2013

The annual Summer Kite Festival in Lincoln City is a treat – and it’s happening again this weekend, June 22nd and 23rd. Here’s a shot from last year’s event. Click on photo for larger view.


Picture of the Week: Ramona Falls

10 06 2013

I like this shot of Ramona Falls taken on a recent hike. It features sun breaks and highlights on the cascade as well as my girlfriend, Stephanie, introducing herself to the lower segment of the falls. Click on pic for larger view. For more information on the hike, read my column about it here.


Video: Ziplining at Tree to Tree Adventure Park

31 05 2013

Located on Hagg Lake in Washington County, Oregon the Tree to Tree Adventure Park has an abundance of adrenaline inducing options; from family-friendly to full on challenging for adults. The park not only has a zipline course, but also aerial obstacle courses where you can rappel, walk across tight ropes and wobbly bridges, even zipline, all while safely harnessed.

Picture of the Week: Beer Battered Meatloaf from 1910 Main – An American Bistro

28 05 2013

A week or so ago I took a Press Trip to Washington County, Oregon. On day 1 we stopped in at 1910 Main – An American Bistro for lunch. They feature updated classic American cuisine that uses local ingredients. This right here…..this is the hand dipped, beer battered meatloaf with mashed Yukon potatoes, seasonal vegetable (green beans in this case), fried onions and beef reduction. I say I like a lot of things, but really, look at this thing. As awesome as it looks it tasted twice as good.



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