HybridLife Radio: Chef and Author Barton Seaver

3 11 2011

This week Heather and I spoke with Barton Seaver, a chef, National Geographic Fellow and author of For Cod and Country.

Barton grew up with a family that loved to cook and therefore food was a very influential part of his upbringing. He likes to think of food “as a lens by which we explore our natural world and relate to the communities and the people in our lives.” Barton believes “it’s the biggest incubator for values in our society.”

He also grew up near the Chesapeake Bay and experienced the abundance of seafood that it provided. That’s no longer the case. Many species of fish that he enjoyed as a child are no longer available. This realization got him interested in something he likes to call “responsible consumption.” In other words, it’s not nature that’s the problem. The problem lies in how people behave within an ecosystem.

Listen and hear more about how Barton helps consumers eat seafood responsibly and inspires them to gather around the table to discuss how we can balance our needs with our desires. Click here to listen to the show.




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