Northwest Travel & Life Magazine: The Misty Fjords

1 07 2016

In the latest issue of Northwest Travel & Life Magazine I write about Alaska’s Misty Fjords. From the article – “Thanks in large part to the glacier-carved landscape, legendary naturalist John Muir compared the Misty Fjords to his favorite inspirational wilderness, Yosemite. An understandable comparison, if only Yosemite were surrounded by ocean and studded with lakes and canals spread out over two million acres.” Click here to continue reading.


Marijuana Venture Magazine: Cannabis Tourism – Seeing Green

30 06 2016

My first feature for Marijuana Venture Magazine explores the new frontier of travel, cannabis tourism. Click here to read the article.


Northwest Travel & Life Magazine: Ex Novo

28 06 2016

My latest for Northwest Travel & Life covers the world’s first non-profit brewery, Ex Novo. Pick up this months issue or click here for the online version.


Portland Monthly: 10 Oregon Rivers You Must Explore

24 05 2016

My first feature for Portland Monthly Magazine details the best Wild and Scenic rivers the state has to offer. Read it here.


Canoe & Kayak Magazine: Exploring Oregon’s Wild and Scenic Rivers

26 03 2016

My latest piece for Canoe & Kayak details a handful of Oregon’s best Wild and Scenic runs. Click here to read it.


Northwest Travel Magazine: Get Inside and Play

16 03 2016

My latest feature for Northwest Travel & Life covers some of the best indoor entertainment options for the wet, Northwest winter. From the article:

“Winter need not be a reason to shut down until the farmers markets return. Our long rainy season (or snowy, depending on where you live) is a major contributing factor to the lush beauty that we enjoy year -round. But it can also send you indoors, clamoring for a latte and your knitting needles. Let’s face it, there’s only so much coffee you can drink or hats you can knit. Sure you want to eat, drink, and be merry. But you also want to stay active and keep your mind and body healthy and engaged. In this part of the world, it’s not just the great outdoors that makes it Shangri-La. It’s the things we do inside; the creative ways we cultivate and continue living a Northwest lifestyle. Indoor winter adventures are very much a part of that way of life, just with four walls and a roof.”

Click here to check out a PDF version of the entire article.


YogaMosa photo courtesy of Bluewater Organic Distilling.

Northwest Travel Magazine: Antiquer’s Paradise – Snohomish, WA

13 03 2016

My latest piece for Northwest Travel & Life Magazine has me broadening my scope a little bit. Click here to read about the best shopping that Snohomish, Washington has to offer.



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