“What’s the Soup?” Review: St Honore Boulangerie

6 11 2012

My latest write up for What’s the Soup is about the St Honore Bakery in NW Portland. There are no big cooking stoves at St Honore. Instead, soups are made from scratch, by using their one and only bread oven. First, they slow-roast or braise vegetables and meats in the oven, typically for 2 to 3 hours. This process not only makes the ingredients tender but brings out their natural sweetness and flavors, giving soups richer and more complex notes. Ingredients are then carefully mixed together and cooked in the oven, slowly. The end result is an offering of soups that contain true depth and honest richness. Read the whole article here.


Picture of the Week: St Honore Boulangerie

22 10 2012

This pic is from a recent trip to the Saint Honore Boulangerie. I was lucky enough to be treated to a large sampling of pastries, soups, and salads as research for a write up on WhatstheSoup.Net.  This is the Roasted Red Beet Salade, and it was amazing.