Northwest Travel Magazine: Scenic Escape – Washington’s Skamania County

2 03 2013

My first feature story for a magazine hit newsstands today. Click here for the online version. Here’s a taste:

“The Pacific Northwest attracts explorers. It always has. From native tribes, to foreign ships, to frontiersmen and woman, the allure of the region has always proven strong. Today, locals as well as tourists are keeping that spirit of exploration alive. The quest continues for new places to find solitude, adventure, beauty, relaxation and inspiration. In this part of the world there is always a new discovery around the next bend: a hidden gem of a trail, waterfall or wilderness.”


Picture of the Week: Stephanie at Panther Creek Falls

19 11 2012

My girlfriend and I were in Skamania County, Washington last week doing research for an upcoming Northwest Travel Magazine feature. She had never been to Panther Creek Falls before. She now has a new favorite waterfall. Click on photo for larger view.