Picture of the Week: Waterfall Road Trip

29 07 2013

I’m back from my epic road trip to photograph and document waterfalls for the forthcoming Hiking Waterfalls in Oregon guidebook!

Over the last 17 days my girlfriend and I drove over 3,200 miles, or what would be Portland to Miami. Went on 40 individual waterfall hikes and visited numerous other natural wonders. In the course of hiking we covered close to 90 miles, gained over 17,000 feet of elevation, and encountered 63 individual waterfalls. My injuries were limited to 1 strained knee and 1 atrocious thigh bruise. We were scared witless by 1 black bear and were visited by numerous timid but cordial dear. We stayed in primitive campgrounds and posh hotel suites. We ate wild berries, beef jerky, microwave burritos, and the freshest, finest Northwest seafood to be found. It was the trip of a lifetime. I feel physically strong, mentally rejuvenated, happy to be home, but very sad it’s over. Today feels like the day after Christmas. Now I have to clean up all the wrapping paper 🙂 Photo courtesy of Stephanie Paris.



Portland Family Outdoors: Ziplining

30 09 2012

My last official column for Portland Family Outdoors is a fun one. It was even more fun doing all the “research” for it. Click here to read it.

Portland Family Outdoors: Indian Heaven

13 09 2012

“Located within the ever-impressive Gifford Pinchot National Forest, the 20,782 acre Indian Heaven Wilderness manages to live up to its lofty title. The sub-alpine volcanic plateau is home to about 175 swimmable/fishable lakes, vast wildflower meadows, and in late summer and early fall, huckleberries! Lots and lots of huckleberries—more huckleberries than you can shake a stick at. Because of these and a long list of other attributes, the area that is now known as Indian Heaven has been a gathering place for native tribes for the last 10,000 years or so. Known as Sahalee Tyee, the area was where tribes would meet to pick berries, hunt, fish, and more recently, race horses. Indian Heaven continues to have significance to local tribes, with some of the wilderness closed off to the public.” Click here to read the rest of the column.

Portland Family Outdoors: Tamanawas Falls

30 08 2012

Tamanawas Falls is a great family friendly hike anytime of year. Great fall colors and a thundering, behind-the-falls cave are just a few reasons to visit. Click here to read all about this wonderfully explorable area.

Portland Family Outdoors: The Clackamas River Trail

14 08 2012

The Clackamas River Trail leads to one of the area’s most under-appreciated cascades, Pup Creek Falls. Click here to read the column.

Portland Family Outdoors: Waterfalls of the Lewis River

1 08 2012

The Lewis River in Washington is home to some of my favorite camping and family-friendly hiking. Click here to read about it.

Portland Family Outdoors: Jackson Bottom Wetlands Preserve

20 07 2012

This week’s Portland Family Outdoors visits another great Portland area spot to view wildlife. Click here to read the article.

Portland Family Outdoors: Drift Creek Falls

3 07 2012

One of the best little hikes in the coast range also includes a 240 foot suspension bridge and a waterfall that recently had a makeover via rock-slide. Click here to read the article.

Portland Family Outdoors: Saddle Mountain

5 06 2012

To the best of my knowledge there’s only one spot in Oregon where you can see the Pacific Ocean, and the Cascade peaks of Rainier, St. Helens, Adams, and Hood. That’s from the top of Saddle Mountain. Add in the expansive meadows of wildflowers that are draped across the mountain right now and you’ve got a big reason to get out of Portland this weekend. Read about it in this week’s Portland Family Outdoors, here.

Portland Family Outdoors: Oxbow Regional Park

22 05 2012

Oxbow Regional Park combines old growth forest, family-friendly beaches, and great camping options. It’s also just 20 minutes from downtown! Click here to read this week’s column.