Picture of the Week: Taking Pictures of Taking Pictures at Lower Oneonta Falls

8 07 2013

While doing more work for the Hiking Waterfalls in Oregon guidebook my girlfriend, Stephanie, lines up the perfect shot of Lower Oneonta Falls. I’ve had this waterfall featured a few times as Pic o’ the Week before, but if you haven’t seen it or would like to know how to get there, check out this link. Click on pic for larger image.



Red Tricycle: A Hidden Waterfall Oasis

25 07 2012

My latest article for Red Tricycle is about the Oneonta Gorge. It has perhaps one of the most photogenic waterfalls in the Gorge and it is definitely my daughter’s favorite place to swim. Click here to give it a read.


Picture of the Week: The Oneonta Gorge

11 06 2012

The elegant and photogenic Lower Oneonta Falls waits at the end of the .6 mile creek walk through the Oneonta Gorge.

Picture of the week: The Oneonta Gorge

31 05 2010