Portland Family Outdoors: Indian Heaven

13 09 2012

“Located within the ever-impressive Gifford Pinchot National Forest, the 20,782 acre Indian Heaven Wilderness manages to live up to its lofty title. The sub-alpine volcanic plateau is home to about 175 swimmable/fishable lakes, vast wildflower meadows, and in late summer and early fall, huckleberries! Lots and lots of huckleberries—more huckleberries than you can shake a stick at. Because of these and a long list of other attributes, the area that is now known as Indian Heaven has been a gathering place for native tribes for the last 10,000 years or so. Known as Sahalee Tyee, the area was where tribes would meet to pick berries, hunt, fish, and more recently, race horses. Indian Heaven continues to have significance to local tribes, with some of the wilderness closed off to the public.” Click here to read the rest of the column.


Picture of the Week: Indian Heaven Wilderness

29 08 2012

The picture of the week is a bit delayed this time around because I was backpacking. Well here’s what was keeping me away from the computer. This was sunrise yesterday morning from my camp at Lake Sahalee Tyee in the Indian Heaven Wilderness. (Click on photo for larger image).

Picture of the Week: Indian Heaven

11 07 2011