Picture of the Week: A Tale of Two Trails

10 09 2012

This is another shot from the “Hopilicious Hiking Trip” I took last week with Rogue Wilderness Adventures. We would hike along the Rogue River Trail during day, then sample beer in the evening. On this trip we had the brewmaster from Ninkasi, Mark, along for the entire excursion. In this photo you see one of my fellow hikers on the trail, and one of the rafts from the “Paddles and Pints” trip on the river just below. Paddles and Pints is the whitewater rafting version of the hiking trip, also run by Rogue Wilderness Adventures. Click on image for larger view.

Picture of the Week: The Rogue River Trail

5 09 2012

The Picture of the Week is delayed a bit again this week due to a return trip to the Rogue River. I was a guest again of Rogue Wilderness Adventures, only this time for their Hopilicious Hiking trip. Hiking, beer tasting, rafting, and views like this for 4 glorious days and 3 nights. I would like to again thank all of the folks at Rogue Wilderness Adventures for throwing more awesome my way than one person can really be expected to handle. You are top shelf folks, top shelf! Click on the picture for a larger view.