Picture of the Week: Ramona Falls

10 06 2013

I like this shot of Ramona Falls taken on a recent hike. It features sun breaks and highlights on the cascade as well as my girlfriend, Stephanie, introducing herself to the lower segment of the falls. Click on pic for larger view. For more information on the hike, read my column about it here.


Video: Wahclella Falls

8 05 2013

Wahclella Falls receives far fewer visitors than the average Columbia River Gorge waterfall, perhaps due to lack of stature and visibility, as well as length of hike. Although it is often overlooked by hikers feeling the need for more exercise, Wahclella rates as high as any hike in the area in terms of beauty, if not distance. For more information on the Wahclella Falls hike, including directions, click here.


Professional Gentleman of Leisure Youtube Channel

19 04 2013

So I decided to branch out a little bit and create a YouTube channel. Here is my first video, essentially an introduction. I plan on taking videos of all the wonderful places and things I get to see, do, and consume in the Northwest. Please check it out and if you’re into it, please subscribe. Thanks!

Picture of the Week: Hiking Along the Clackamas River Trail

4 03 2013

For the first time in the history of this website, the picture of the week was not taken by yours truly. But it was taken by my girlfriend, with my camera, and I’m in it. So it’s close. This is from last week’s hike along the Clackamas River Trail up to Pup Creek Falls. The trip served a few purposes: Get the GPS tracks of this hike for the Hiking Waterfalls in Oregon guidebook, and get photos of KEEN’s brand new line of CNX shoes and sandals for the company’s upcoming ad campaign. This was my first venture into the world of male modeling and I think I did well. I took direction like a champ and I kept my face out of the frame. Photo courtesy of Stephanie Paris.


Picture of the Week: Latourell Falls

18 02 2013

This is not even remotely the first time Latourell Falls has appeared as the Picture of the Week. And I probably need to accept the fact that it won’t be the last. Some places, usually waterfalls, consistantly produce photos that are pleasing to me. And clearly, Latourell has some kind of mystical, photographic mojo that I am powerless to resist.


Picture of the Week: Coopey Falls

11 02 2013

One of the lesser known and least visited waterfalls on the Oregon side of the Columbia River Gorge, the top of Coopey Falls is visible from a viewpoint on the Angel’s Rest Trail. However, the best view of the falls is at the base, which happens to be on the grounds of the Franciscan Sisters of the Eucharist Convent. Not to worry though. If you ask for permission the sisters are more than happy to let you visit the falls. Click on pic for larger view.


Picture of the Week: Entering the Gorge

21 01 2013

On my way to do some waterfall hunting in the Columbia River Gorge.


Picture of the Week: Latourell Falls

15 01 2013

Stephanie and I went out this morning to get GPS tracks of the Latourell Falls Loop hike for the Hiking Waterfalls in Oregon guidebook. This is Stephanie at the base of the falls, getting what will undoubtedly be a somewhat misty I-Phone shot. Here’s a full shot of the falls just in case you’re curious.


Picture of the Week: Abiqua Falls

7 01 2013

If you’ve followed this blog for a while or know me personally, then it’s probably no surprise that this particular cascade is Picture of the Week again. I made a trip to my favorite waterfall this week to get the GPS tracks for the forthcoming Hiking Waterfalls in Oregon guidebook I’m currently putting together. Here’s a shot from the trip. Click on pic for larger view.


Picture of the Week: The Top of Golden Falls

24 12 2012

On a recent waterfall trip to the Coos Bay area I stayed at the Below the Falls Lodge. The lodge is quite literally about 1.5 miles downstream from the Golden and Silver Falls State Natural Area. Both falls were great and the trail leading above Golden Falls was particularly unique. Low clouds and fog swept in and out of the canyon the entire time we were there, making for some interesting photos. This shot is from the top of Golden Falls, looking out into the clouds and sun as Glen Creek takes a plunge.