Video: Wahclella Falls

8 05 2013

Wahclella Falls receives far fewer visitors than the average Columbia River Gorge waterfall, perhaps due to lack of stature and visibility, as well as length of hike. Although it is often overlooked by hikers feeling the need for more exercise, Wahclella rates as high as any hike in the area in terms of beauty, if not distance. For more information on the Wahclella Falls hike, including directions, click here.



Video: The Wildflowers of the Tom McCall Preserve

29 04 2013

We took an amazing hike up to McCall Point at the Tom McCall Preserve last week. The wildflowers were bursting and the weather was perfect. Take a look!

Picture of the Week: Tom McCall Preserve

8 04 2013

I’m going to the well again for this week’s photo….The Tom McCall Preserve well. As the flowers are just starting to bloom in that area of the Gorge, the balsamroot and lupine should be in full throat in about another three weeks. Click photo for larger view.


Picture of the Week: Latourell Falls

18 02 2013

This is not even remotely the first time Latourell Falls has appeared as the Picture of the Week. And I probably need to accept the fact that it won’t be the last. Some places, usually waterfalls, consistantly produce photos that are pleasing to me. And clearly, Latourell has some kind of mystical, photographic mojo that I am powerless to resist.


Picture of the Week: Entering the Gorge

21 01 2013

On my way to do some waterfall hunting in the Columbia River Gorge.


Picture of the Week: Latourell Falls

15 01 2013

Stephanie and I went out this morning to get GPS tracks of the Latourell Falls Loop hike for the Hiking Waterfalls in Oregon guidebook. This is Stephanie at the base of the falls, getting what will undoubtedly be a somewhat misty I-Phone shot. Here’s a full shot of the falls just in case you’re curious.


Picture of the Week: Upper McCord Creek Falls

3 12 2012

More GPS tracking for the “Hiking Waterfalls in Oregon” guidebook led me to Upper McCord Creek Falls this week. This beautiful double-waterfall is just above the massive Elowah Falls. You can learn more about that hike, including directions, here.


Picture of the Week: Ponytail Falls

26 11 2012

Ponytail is one of those wonderful Northwest cascades that you get to walk behind; which is wonderful. I always loved the little section of trail leading up to it, however.You turn a blind corner and you see it up in the distance. There’s suddenly a scenic creek, a lush grotto, an inviting waterfall; the whole scene is pretty damn magical. Click on pic for larger view.


Picture of the Week: Stephanie at Panther Creek Falls

19 11 2012

My girlfriend and I were in Skamania County, Washington last week doing research for an upcoming Northwest Travel Magazine feature. She had never been to Panther Creek Falls before. She now has a new favorite waterfall. Click on photo for larger view.

Picture of the Week: Fall Hiking

5 11 2012

Fall hiking in the Northwest is special. There is of course the smattering of oranges, reds, and yellows that appear thanks to our deciduous friends. But there are also the rich, bright, and occasionally florescent greens of the mosses and lichens that re-emerge thanks to the return of rain. Backdrop it with evergreen Doug firs and Western red cedars and you have an almost unbelievably vibrant setting for a walk in the woods. Click on pic for larger view.