1859 Magazine: The Best Coast Hikes You’ve Never Heard of

14 05 2018

There’s a ton of great hiking to be done up and down the Oregon Coast. My latest for 1859 discusses a few outstanding outings that you might not have stumbled upon just yet. On newsstands now or click here to read the online version.



Tillamook Coast: The Oregon Coast Trail

10 12 2016

My latest for Visit Tillamook Coast is about Oregon’s entirely public coastline and the trail that explores it. From the article:

“Thanks in large part to governors Oswald West and Tom McCall, the Oregon Coast belongs to all of us. The sea stacks, beaches, meadows – it is all open to the public. The Oregon Coast Trail (OCT) was designed and developed to showcase the splendor of our beloved coastline. From where the Columbia River meets the Pacific Ocean, down to the California border, the OCT explores the coast and more.” Click here to read the whole story.



Tillamook Coast: Bikes Built for the Beach

31 05 2016

A piece I wrote for Tillamookcoast.com about fat bikes and why for beach lovers, they are the best thing since sliced bread. Click here to read.


Picture of the Week: Lincoln City Summer Kite Festival

17 06 2013

The annual Summer Kite Festival in Lincoln City is a treat – and it’s happening again this weekend, June 22nd and 23rd. Here’s a shot from last year’s event. Click on photo for larger view.


Picture of the Week: Horseback Riding in Long Beach, Washington

30 04 2013

If you ever wanted to know what horseback riding on the Washington Coast looks like, it goes a little something like this. Big thanks to Back Country Outfitters for a new experience that I’m sure to seek out again soon!


Picture of the Week: Morse Code from the Heavens at Surftides, Lincoln City

17 09 2012

Surftides has become kind of my home away from home when I visit the Lincoln City area of the Oregon Coast. I love the place. This view from the balcony of my room a couple of mornings ago is just one reason why. Click on the photo for a larger view.

Picture of the Week: Oregon Coast from the Sky

20 08 2012

During my Central Oregon Coast Press Trip, we were treated to a helicopter ride courtesy of ApexHeli in Florence, Oregon. Not a bad view at all. Click on photo for larger view.

Picture of the Week: The Oregon Coast

6 08 2012

I know the title is kind of vague. This shot was taken looking towards the Inn at Otter Crest from the Flying Dutchman Winery. Not a bad spot for wine tasting eh? Click photo for larger image.

Picture of the Week: Sunset from the Oregon Coast

3 07 2012

A breathtaking sunset taken from the balcony of my room at the Inn at Otter Crest. Click on image for larger view.

Picture of the Week: Rock Cairn Beach at Oxbow Regional Park

14 05 2012