Portland Mercury: The Falls of History and God

26 06 2014

In my first article for the Portland Mercury I encourage people to visit some of the area’s waterfalls for more than just their inherent beauty. From the article:

“Some waterfalls are more than just pretty places to visit. While the opportunity to prance around in a forested scene straight out of a Kinkade-ian masterpiece is typically inspiration enough to seek one out, sometimes you want more from your experience. Luckily, there are a number of waterfall hikes in the Portland area that dangle alluring carrots of added interest, like “fascinating regional history” or “a chance to commune with a faith-based deity.” So for those of you who need a little extra motivation to get your butt outside and next to a beautiful waterfall, here you go.”

Click here to read the entire article.



Seven Brides Brewing: Abiqua Black IPA

23 02 2013

Well here it is! This is the label for the new Seven Brides Brewing Abiqua Black IPA. If it looks familiar it’s because it also the winter banner photo for this blog 🙂 My favorite picture of my favorite place is now adorning my favorite style of beer. Win, win, win 🙂


Picture of the Week: Abiqua Falls

7 01 2013

If you’ve followed this blog for a while or know me personally, then it’s probably no surprise that this particular cascade is Picture of the Week again. I made a trip to my favorite waterfall this week to get the GPS tracks for the forthcoming Hiking Waterfalls in Oregon guidebook I’m currently putting together. Here’s a shot from the trip. Click on pic for larger view.


Picture of the Week: Abiqua Falls

25 04 2011

Picture of the week: Frozen Abiqua Falls

3 05 2010