Sip Northwest Magazine: Producers That Feed

1 08 2019

My first story in the print version of Sip Northwest Magazine is quite the feel-good piece. It details some of my favorite area food and drink producers that provide meals to community members in need. Pick it up at various locations around the region or read the PDF version here.

P and P Farm Tour Viridian - Polmar

Photo courtesy of Erika Polmar, Plate & Pitchfork.




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1 08 2019
Penny Rush

Greetings Adam,Great article – thanks heaps for sharing.  I hope your summer’s going great.Keep up the great work. – Penny

1 08 2019

Thanks, Penny! Glad you enjoyed it. Hope your summer is a good one as well 🙂

18 09 2019
Penny Rush

Adam, I loved the food cart/pod segment but I was hoping to hear some of your favs.  Are you coming back to Afternoon Live soon to name names?!  Hope so. – Penny —– Forwarded Message —– From: Adam Sawyer To: “” Sent: Tuesday, September 17, 2019, 09:33:29 PM GMT-5Subject: [New post] Afternoon Live: Food Cart 101 | posted: “Today on Afternoon Live I discussed Portland’s food carts – what makes them so unique and how they helped build the city’s culinary reputation. Click here to watch the segment.” | |

19 09 2019

Sorry, Penny! I got you covered though 🙂 Some of my favorites are:

Altengartz, A Fine Goose, Gumba, Viking Soulfood, Kim Jong Grillin, Pastrami Zombie, Koi Fusion, MF Tasty, Matt’s BBQ, and Burger Stevens!

14 04 2021
Penny Rush

Adam, I apologize that I haven’t written before but I really enjoyed your last post about your addiction issues and the healing power of nature.  I’ve been doing a lot of nature walks during this pandemic.  It’s so cathartic.  Hearing the birds sing makes me want to do the same but no one around me would appreciate that.  I know it took a lot of guts to write the article and I loved you even more for it.  Bravo and I hope all is well on your end.  Take care and please stay safe. – Penny —– Forwarded Message —– From: Adam Sawyer To: “” Sent: Wednesday, April 14, 2021, 07:49:03 AM PDTSubject: [New post] Afternoon Live: Best Easy Day Hikes Salem and Eugene | posted: “My latest Afternoon Live appearance is all about the new book, Best Easy Day Hikes Salem and Eugene. Click here to watch the segment.” | |

14 04 2021

Thank you so much, Penny! I’m glad you’re getting outside during the pandemic. It’s more important than ever. Thanks for the note and take good care!

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