“What’s the Soup?” Review: Cauliflower & Tahini Soup at Levant

18 06 2013

My latest soup review for What’s the Soup? took me to Levant in Portland, Oregon. Chef-owner Scott Snyder creates inspired French-Arabesque dishes, like the Cauliflower & Tahini, with Fried Purple Cauliflower, Spicy Pepper & Mint Relish. From the article:

“The marriage of flavor profiles and cooking techniques that are among the most lauded in culinary history produced a soup that was a worthy and just representation of both. The richness of French cuisine was highlighted with splashes of bright Middle Eastern flavor. If what the dietary experts say about eating lots of colors is true, then this bowl of soup will go a long way towards keeping me out of the doctor’s office. Reds, greens, and purples in a variety of shapes and textures danced on top of the soup’s creamy canvas in a way that made the bowl a joy to photograph while simultaneously producing an enviable mouthfeel in each spoonful.” Read the whole article here.





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