Northwest Travel Magazine: Courier Coffee

1 05 2013

I wrote an article in the May edition of Northwest Travel Magazine about a place that I believe has the best Coffee in Portland. A bold statement I know, but give it the Pepsi Challenge sometime and get back to me if you take umbrage. Click here for the online teaser, or check out the latest edition of Northwest Travel Mag to read the whole piece.

From the article:

Courier Coffee Roasters does many things other elite Northwest roasters do. They focus on high-quality, single-origin beans, showcasing the terroir of specific regions. They have relationships with the farms and cooperatives from which they source. And they also focus on light and medium roasts. But Domreis’ shop ups the ante in all three aspects and then adds more to the pot.

“We want the best beans we can get,” says Domreis, “but we also source from people who are doing things the right way. Fair-trade and organic are great, but if they had to clear-cut acres of rainforest in order to do it, I’d rather source from a farm that’s not organic, but whose methods I know and trust.”





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