Picture of the Week: The Hike to Sweet Creek Falls

17 12 2012

The hike to Sweet Creek Falls is unique. Off the top of my head, this is the only waterfall hike I can think of where the wonder and beauty of the hike itself easily trumps that of the falls. A remarkably scenic creek, random smaller falls, catwalks and a lush forest, combined to make this hike one of the prettiest I’ve done all year. Click on pic for larger view.





2 responses

18 12 2012

Where is it?

18 12 2012

Hi Donna! Take the 126 west out of Eugene. Just before you cross a bridge into the town of Mapleton, hang a left onto Sweet Creek Rd. Drive 11 miles to the lower, or Homestead Trailhead.Round trip the hike is under 2 miles, but beautiful! I have a photo set from this same outing over on my facebook page if you’re interested 🙂


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