Picture of the Week: St Johns Bridge Sunset

15 07 2012

The picture of the week comes a little early this time. I will be out of town and nowhere near internet come Monday. As a result, Sunset from beneath the St Johns Bridge is being delivered 2 days in advance. Thanks to my friend Kassisdy for putting down her dinner and driving me down to the bridge when I saw an epic sunset developing. Click on photo for larger image.




4 responses

15 07 2012

Wow! The sky leaves you speechless.

4 10 2012

Thanks, Lesya!

9 12 2015

I am doing a project with my son’s class and would love to use this pic! Would you mind? I could pay you for it as well. Do you have a high resolution photo I could use? Thanks so much!

9 12 2015

Hi Stacey! It would be an honor to be a part of your son’s project. Please email me at adam.n.sawyer@gmail and we can discuss details. Thanks!

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