HybridLife Radio: How to Reduce Your Dependence on Plastic

12 10 2011

In this episode, Heather and I speak with Daniella Dimitrova Russo of the Plastic Pollution Coalition, a global organization that strives to end plastic pollution.

Plastic pollution is a huge global problem and not just for the environment. It can cause serious harm to our bodies and to other wildlife around the world.

Daniella shares with us why recycling plastic doesn’t really work. What happens to tupperware containers once they are exposed to temperature changes. The health hazards associated with the release of toxins in plastic. What you can do to reduce your child’s exposure to certain plastics and why you should avoid single use displosable plastic items (e.g., plastic bags, straws etc.)

Best of all, you will learn how by simply rethinking every plastic purchase, you can have a significant impact on plastic pollution. Listen here.




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