Portland Family Outdoors: Steigerwald Lake National Wildlife Rerserve

26 04 2011

Wildlife, art, and scenery abound at Steigerwald Lake. Read about it here.




3 responses

28 04 2011
Dan Nelson

Nice article on Steigerwald. I also write for the Examiner on the rec and adv. page and wondered if it would be stepping on your toes to write another one about this great area, with emphasis on the birds and plants, and to reference your piece. Let me know. As co-workers I don’t want to offend you and I don’t know the protocol on these things. thanks for your time.
Daniel Nelson

29 04 2011

Hey Dan, I sent a note to your personal email. Thanks!

3 05 2011

Hey Dan, did you get my last email? Short answer is you’re more than welcome to write up Steigerwald. Thanks for the courtesy!

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