Canoe & Kayak Magazine: Portland’s Smith and Bybee Lakes

2 02 2016

My first article for Canoe & Kayak Magazine is about the largest urban wetland in the US – the Smith and Bybee Lakes. Click here to read the article. Photo courtesy of Next Adventure.

Smith Bybee 5-31 78

Portland Monthly Magazine: A Guide to Hiking the Tillamook Spits

18 12 2015

My second piece for Portland Monthly Magazine is about coast hiking in Tillamook. Click here to read the full article.


Cascade Journal: Trail Stories – Oregon hikes for history buffs

20 08 2015

My latest feature for Cascade Journal Magazine is about some of Oregon’s best historic hikes.

“Oregon’s world-class hiking trails are one reason many of us hang our hats here. The state also lays claim to an abundance of intriguing and significant chapters in human and natural history. These events leave their mark on both the landscape and its inhabitants’ culture, creating a destination to explore that’s a feast for both the eyes and the imagination. Here are a handful of hikes from around Central Oregon and a little farther afield that showcase the beauty of the region as well as the backstories that helped define it.”

Check out the full article here.


Northwest Travel Magazine: Portland – A City of Villages

18 03 2015

My latest feature for Northwest Travel Magazine explores three of my favorite neighborhoods; the eating, drinking, shopping, hiking, and beyond! Click the PDF link below to check it out.

Portland City of Villages


Seven Brides Brewing: Abiqua Black IPA

23 02 2013

Well here it is! This is the label for the new Seven Brides Brewing Abiqua Black IPA. If it looks familiar it’s because it also the winter banner photo for this blog :-) My favorite picture of my favorite place is now adorning my favorite style of beer. Win, win, win :-)


Portland Family Outdoors: The Wilder Side of Forest Park

24 04 2012

You might recognize some of the shots in this week’s Portland Family Outdoors column from last week’s Wet Forest Trails photo essay. Some of which were taken when I was out doing “research” for The Wilder Side of Forest Park column.

Photo Essay: Wet Forest Trails

19 04 2012

Wet is a good look. Obviously, I’m not the first person to think that. Have you ever noticed that sidewalks and streets are frequently wet on TV and in the movies? Wet streets appear clean, provide better contrast, and just look more appealing. I think the same holds true for wet forest trails, perhaps even more so. Greens greener, browns browner, all forest colors just seem to be richer when wet.

Aside from the colors, hiking after a good rain is exhilarating. The air is clean and sweet. There are far fewer people on the trails, and the wildlife is omnipresent. There’s also a good chance that there’s still cloud cover hanging around; providing that exquisite diffused natural light that photographers in the Pacific Northwest crave. I present this collection of wet trail photographs from my backyard (Portland’s Forest Park) in support of my argument. Click on any shot in the gallery for a larger view.


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